Peak Training Levels

3 Levels of Certification

 "Levels of Certification" download

Training Provided

The first half of the training includes material covering: background, theory, overview of the PEAK assessment and treatment protocols and empirical data on PEAK. The second half of the training includes expanded and interactive completion of the entire PEAK assessment, practicing implementing all four modules' curriculum, generating written progress reports, and producing progress monitoring data displays.

Certfication Requirements

Completion of 12 total hours of instruction on PEAK.  This is typically done across 2 individual six hour workshop trainings.  However occasionally a single 12 hour workshop which combines both shorter days will be offered.

Prerequisites for Level 1 Certification


Performance for Certification

Attendance at PEAK 2 day training workshop for total of 12 hours


Included with workshop attendance costs


none needed


Attendance at the 2-day PEAK workshop provides a conceptual understanding of the PEAK assessment and practice with using the assessment, curriculum, and resources. Individuals who attend the 2-day PEAK workshop may advertise themselves as PEAK Level 1 Certified.

PEAK Level 2 Certification

PEAK Level 2 Certification of Proficiency Description

  • Training Provided: Three-hour Q and A webinar and competency scoring of programming for all four PEAK Modules.
  • Training Requirements:
    Completion of LEVEL 1 and –
    • Completion of a 3-hour Q and A webinar,
    • Submission of a completed PEAK Comprehensive Record Form, sample insurance authorization request OR assessment report, AND
    • Video verification of implementation competency of pre-assessments and programming from all 4 PEAK modules (2 programs from each module for a block of 10 or more trials - depending on program).
  • Prerequisites for Level 2 Certification: Level 1 completion and BA degree or higher
  • Performance for Certification: Attendance in Q and A webinar and passing score on remaining items by two independent Level 3 trainers.
  • Fee: $400 USD initial ($350 application fee and $50 annual fee), $50 USD/year maintain
  • Renewal: 2 years following initial approval. Must also verify attendance at PEAK related live or online 1 hour or more conference presentation or webinar during each 2-year cycle
  • Benefits: Individuals who obtain PEAK Level 2 certification have documented competency incorporating PEAK assessment results into treatment reports and implementation of PEAK programming. Individuals who obtain Level 2 certification may advertise themselves as PEAK Level 2 Certified and will be listed in a directory of PEAK Level 2 certified providers on the PEAK ABA Solutions website.

PEAK Level 2 Certification Checklist

  • Purchase the Level 2 Certification *Within 1 week of purchase, you will receive a welcome packet with: Level 2 Box folder, scenario to use for your Level 2 activities, directions for uploading Level 2 activities to the Box, and integrity checklists used to review the Level 2 activities
  • Attend One 3-hour Q and A session: Q and A sessions are offered bimonthly and announced via Facebook and the Level 1 email list. Attendance at 1 session is required for Level 2 certification. *Required prior to submitting treatment plan and videos.
  • Submit Treatment Plan on Box: using the scenario provided to you, create a fake treatment plan using your own template or the template provided and upload it to your box folder. *Refer to treatment plan integrity checklist for guidelines relating to the treatment plan
  • Submit Video of Programs: using the scenario provided to you, submit video of implementation of 2 programs from each module. *Refer to video integrity checklist for guidelines relating to the video requirements

*Level 2 submissions are reviewed on a rolling basis. Expected processing time is one-month from submission.

This level of certification is currently under development. Person’s interested in obtaining PEAK Level 3 certification, should contact PEAK ABA Solutions after Jan 1st, 2018 at

Prerequisites for Level 3 Certification

At minimum, requirements to obtain PEAK Level 3 Certification will consist of:

  • Completion of both Levels 1 and 2
  • Residency at Navigation Behavioral Consulting for 2 consecutive days to receive additional hands-on training related to the PEAK assessment and PEAK training
  • Video of 12 hours of workshop delivery and majority approval by PEAK ABA Solutions board members.